Thursday, August 25, 2011

Part 1: Room transformations on a budget

If you're anything like me, you get tired for walking into the same rooms in your house everyday; same old furniture, colors, and decoration. If you're feeling the same way about a room in your house, like I was with my living room, then its time to spruce things up and give that room a make-over. Don't worry, redoing a room doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars or even hundreds! I'm going to give a few redecorating tips and ideas that will cost you anywhere from $20 to $100, depending on how much of lift you want to give your room.

Tip #1) Rearrange Furniture: If you're on a really tight budget, like I was when I redid my living room, rearranging the furniture that you already have is a cheap and easy way to bring a big change to a room. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out a new arrangement for furniture that is already working where it is, but don't be afraid to just start moving furniture around and playing with it. Besides, what could be a better work out for the day!

Tip #2) Revamp furniture you already have or furniture from DI: A popular thing in the decorating world these days is restoring old furniture to give it a new, yet chic and vintage feel. So if you want to add new pieces to your room a great way to do this is by finding things around your house from other rooms  or getting cheap furniture from DI or KSL and revamping it. Now just be aware that this option does take a little more time and work, but will leave you with a beautiful and unique addition to your room. Below are some ideas I really liked for revamping old furniture.

One of my favorite blogs for furniture revamps is All Things Thrifty

 This is something I plan to do someday; turning an older dresser into a TV stand.
Tip #3) Add color, pattern and texture through your accessories: This section could be endless with all the different things you can do to accessorize your room on a budget, but so I don't overwhelm you I'm going to mention a couple popular tips for accessorizing your room while adding color, pattern and texture.

Pillows: When needing a change in your room, pillows are a great outlet for cheap change and not to mention they are a very popular home decor item! They also are a great way to incorporate new colors, patterns and textures all in one! When I did my one day living room transformation, to change up the colors of my room I used pillows to do it. I got 4 large pillows from DI for $2 each and went to Home Fabrics bought 3 yards of fabric for under $10!  By the way, Home Fabric in Orem is having a store closeout sale. The store is not closing, but they are liquidating fabric. You can get a lot styles for $3.00 a yard! This is by far my favorite store for buying home decor fabrics!

Stenciling: Stenciling seems to be another popular thing in the crafting world. It's another great way to bring color and pattern to your room and accessories. Stenciling is a lot cheaper then wallpaper and less permanent. Here are some ideas that I just love that involve stenciling!

This really cute chevron Stencil Rug by The House o Smiths (tutorial)

Stencil Wall from Good Girl Gone Glad

Another stencil wall from All Things Thrifty

Beautiful wall art from The Idea Room (tutorial)

Gallery Walls and Picture Frames: A gallery wall is a great way to fill a large space on a wall and to also personalize your room. Photo frames can get pricey, but once again, go check out your local thrift store for old frames and paint them all the same color. Doing this will give you a variety of different frames without breaking the bank for home decor.

The House of Smiths has a great post with some tips for creating your perfect wall gallery. Check it out HERE.

You can also use frames for other home decor accessories. The things you can do with picture frames are endless when decorating a room; whether it be a collage, framing a family picture to child's art project or favorite quote,  or making a wall clock with frames. Below are some cute wall decorating ideas that I found.

If you don't want to go through all the trouble of figuring out how to hang all your frames in a collage, photo ledges are a great way to display your frame and pictures! Here is a tutorial on how to make these photo ledges. I made some for my living room and they were really cheap and easy to make.


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