About Us

Meet SHA (Sara, Hanna, and Annelise)

S~ I am a wife, student, and a working girl. I've been married for about a year and a half to the love of my life, Collin, and am currently going to school at Brigham Young University and working as a doctor's assistant full time. Although life is busy I always find time to be with those I care about and do the things I love. Recently a new hobby of mine has been sewing. As a young girl my mother put me and my sister through several years of sewing lessons, but as the years went on it became a lost art. Now that I am a "poor college student" those years of sewing lessons have truly become a blessing in my life. My mother got me a sewing machine for Christmas last year and ever since then the needle is constantly going whether it's to refashion an old piece of clothing into a fabulous new creation, piece together a quilt, or fix my husband's torn jeans.

H~ I've been creating things since I was a little girl, but my real love for crafting started when I married my best friend 4 years ago and I had to find creative and cheap ways to decorate our apartment. (My husband is so amazing to just nod his head and smile even when he knows I start projects a little over my head and when he has to spend his weekends helping me.) A new wave of crafting came when the second best thing happened in my life when I become a mother two my two beautiful daughters and I started sewing them clothes and doing projects for their rooms. In the few moments I find in between raising an active toddler and newborn I also enjoy blogging, reading, sewing, photography, crafting and spending time with my family!

 A~ I am a mother and a wife to an adorable one year old little girl and an amazingly supportive husband that I am lucky to call mine. He works hard so that I can stay home with my little girl. He is very supportive of my sometimes over ambitious creative side! Growing up with a mother who made everything from hand, crafting is in my blood. I am a craftoholic! I love to talk about crafts, look at crafts, think about crafts, make crafts, if it has to do with crafting I am usually involved! My life's motto is "I can make that!" I work out of my home as a Cosmetologist.  I am an amateur cake decorator, seam stress, party planner, and I am learning to play the guitar. I love turning old things into new things, decorating my apartment, doing hair, making my daughter smile, reading a good book, spending time with my hubby/family, and trying new things!