Friday, August 26, 2011

Part 2: Living Room Reveal

Hopefully after reading a few tips on redecorating on a budget you have been inspired to tackle a room in your house! If so we want to see pictures!! Here is a look at my living room. ENJOY!

Since we are just renting right now while my husband and I are in school, I had limited options to work with, including the space and budget. So first off I got my workout for the morning and rearranged all the furniture in the room. This is where I have to apologize, because I thought I had some pictures of the room before and turns out...I didn't! Anyway, I flip-flopped the TV and the couch and put the side chairs on the opposite wall they were originally on as well. My husband was more surprised that I was able to hook back up the TV and the surround sound, once I moved everything, then moving all the furniture. (I'm a little technically challenged!) 

Here's a look of the over all room. Sorry, but you'll have to imagine how it was before. When I was toying with rearranging the furniture for a good week or so I wasn't sure how I would like the arrangement that I ended up with, but we love it more then the one before. Moral of the story: Be willing to try new things, you might just like it better!

Since this was also a one day transformation, I decided to keep all of the furniture the way it was without revamping anything major. (Although, I have some ideas for future projects that will involve some of this.) Once I had the major change done by rearranging the furniture, I decided to change up the colors up the room. Painting was out of the question and so was new furniture so I changed the colors of the room through recovering some old pillows and repeating those colors in the accessories I already had in the room.

The accent colors of my living room before were mostly green with some blue. This time I wanted to use some brighter colors. With the pillows I found fabrics that gave me color, patterns, and texture. I then brought the yellow up in the picture collage above the couch by wrapping yellow paper around the candles and using it as the color of some of the picture mats.

So that is the one day transformation of my living room! Some future projects I have to add to the transformation are new wall art above the IKEA chairs, revamping the table lamp shade, and a wall clock on the wall with the TV made out of picture frames.


  1. Looks great! Good job! I have never done design stuff at my house, and am not good at it! I need to start doing this kind of thing someday......

  2. Where did you get your sectional? Love it! (And the room).